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Privacy Policy for

This Privacy Policy outlines the personal data collection and processing practices of

In line with our commitment to the protection of personal data and in compliance with articles 13 and 14 of the EU GDPR, provides information about the methods, purposes, and extent of communication and dissemination of personal data, as well as the rights of users.

Owner and Data Controller

Tenka Video Via Betulle 35 Val della Torre (TO), Italy P.IVA: IT07339760014

Email: Tel: +393492322071

Types of Data Collected collects user data either directly or through third parties. The types of data collected include technical navigation data, usage data, email, name, surname, telephone number, province, country, postcode, city, address, company name, state, cookies, and various other types of data. Detailed information on the collected data is provided in subsequent sections of this policy.

Personal data is provided by the user through forms, or, in the case of usage data, such as navigation statistics, it is collected automatically when browsing the pages of

Data requested by forms are categorized as mandatory or optional, which will be indicated separately on each form. If mandatory data is not provided, reserves the right to withhold the service. If optional data is not provided, the service will still be provided. uses statistical tools to track user browsing, analyzing logs. It does not directly use cookies but may employ cookies, including those of third-party services.

Each use of cookies is detailed in the Cookie Policy (link to your cookie policy) and in this policy. Users who communicate, publish, disseminate, share, or obtain third-party personal data through are fully responsible for such data. Users indemnify the website owner from any direct liability towards third parties, ensuring they have the right to communicate, publish, or disseminate the data. does not provide services to minors under 18. For minors, a parent or legal guardian must provide the data.

Processing Methods and Locations

The data controller has implemented an IT system to ensure suitable security measures to prevent unauthorized access, disclosure, modification, or deletion of personal data. This system includes daily backups.

Users have the right to obtain information about the security measures in place.

Access to data, in addition to the owner, may be granted to internal staff (e.g., administrative, commercial, marketing, legal, system administrators) and/or external parties (e.g., third-party IT service providers, webfarms, agencies). These parties may be designated as data processors by the data controller.

Users can request an updated list of data processors at any time.

In the unlikely event of unauthorized access, the owner commits to notifying the Italian Data Protection Authority within the legally established timeframe.

Personal data is stored and processed in the owner's operational and administrative offices, as well as in the webfarms hosting the servers, or on backup servers. The data may be stored in Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, or other European Community countries, but never outside the European territory.

Data Retention Periods:

Data acquired to provide a service (purchased or trial) are kept for 24 months following service completion, or until consent is revoked.

If legally required, data may be retained for longer periods.

After the retention period, personal data will be deleted, making it inaccessible for requests for deletion or portability.

Legal Basis for Data Processing

The owner processes user data in the

following scenarios:

The user has explicitly consented to the processing for one or more specific purposes;

To provide a quote to the user;

To fulfill a contract with the user;

To provide a service to the user;

To comply with a legal obligation;

To perform a task carried out in the public interest;

To exercise official authority vested in the owner;

To pursue legitimate interests of the owner or third parties.

Users may request clarification on the legal basis of each processing activity at any time.

Purposes of Data Processing

User data is collected for the following purposes:

Providing technical and commercial information;

Offering free service trials;

Providing quotes;

Processing orders;


Sending service expiration notices;

Sending data removal notices;

Sending newsletters.

Data may also be processed for:

Contacting the user;

Analyzing user behavior and session recording;

Displaying and interacting with external content;

Spam protection;

Managing payments;

Interacting with social networks;


Users can request clarification on the purposes of each processing activity at any time.

Specific Details on Data Acquisition and Use

To contact the user:

Contact forms: Users can fill out contact/information request forms, entering their data and consenting to its use to respond to requests.

Newsletter: Users can subscribe to the newsletter. Messages containing technical, informative, commercial, and/or promotional information may be sent to the specified email address. Subscription is confirmed via double opt-in.

For interaction with external applications (including social networks): includes plugins/buttons for social networks and external applications. Even if not used by the user, these services may collect traffic data.

For spam protection:

Services like Google reCAPTCHA may be used to distinguish real user traffic from potential spam threats.

For statistics:

Services like Google Analytics may be used to analyze traffic on

For advertising communications:

Services like Google AdSense may use user and navigation data for advertising purposes.

To view content from external websites:

Services like Google Fonts and YouTube Video Widget may be used to display external content.

Rights of the Data Subject

Users have rights under Article 12 of the EU GDPR, including the right to access, rectify, or delete their personal data. Specific rights include:

Accessing personal data held by the owner (Article 15);

Rectifying inaccurate or incomplete data (Article 16);

Requesting deletion of data (Article 17);

Limiting processing or revoking consent (Article 18);

Receiving a copy of personal data in a common format (Article 20);

Objecting to data processing for marketing or profiling purposes (Article 21).

To exercise these rights, users can contact Tenka Video at or +393492322071.

Additional Information on Data Processing

In legal proceedings or upon request by public authorities, personal data may be disclosed.

Users can request specific information on services or data processing from

Data may be collected for system logs and maintenance.

For information not contained in this policy, users can contact the data controller.

Support for "Do Not Track" requests is not provided by

Changes to this Privacy Policy

The owner reserves the right to make changes to this policy, notifying users on this page or through known contacts. Users are encouraged to check this page periodically.

Definitions and Legal References

For detailed definitions and legal references, please refer to the website of the Italian Data Protection Authority (

For interaction with external applications (including social networks): includes plugins/buttons for social networks and external applications. Even if not used by the user, these services may collect traffic data.

Facebook: "Like" button and social widgets Service provider: Facebook, Inc. Purpose of the service: Interaction with the Facebook social network Personal data collected: Cookies, usage data Place of processing: United States Privacy Policy: [Facebook Privacy Policy Link] Adhering to the Privacy Shield

For advertising communications: These services use user and navigation data for advertising purposes (for example, banner ads). Users can manage cookies through third-party services like the Network Advertising Initiative. Some services may use cookies to capture information about the user and/or show advertisements based on the user's interests. Some data may also be collected outside

Google AdSense Service provider: Google, Inc. Purpose of the service: Advertising service using the "Doubleclick" cookie Personal data collected: Cookies, usage data Place of processing: United States Privacy Policy: [Google AdSense Privacy Policy Link] Opt-Out: [Google AdSense Opt-Out Link] Adhering to the Privacy Shield

To view content from external websites: Services like Google Fonts and YouTube Video Widget are used to display external content on the website.

Live Connector Our Live Connector application does not store and therefore does not save the data of users who write posts and/or comments to posts on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram etc. The data used are not sold to third parties.

The Live Connector does not have any banners or advertisements.

We respect the privacy policy of Facebook

In particular, this appendix that we report here:

"Apps, websites, and third-party integrations on our Products or those that make use of them.

When you choose to use apps, websites, or other third-party services that use or are integrated with our Products, they may receive information about what you publish or share. For example, when you play with your Facebook friends or use the Facebook Comment or Share button on a website, the game or website developer can get information about your activities within the game or receive a comment or link that you have shared from the website on Facebook. In addition, when you download or use such third-party services, they can access your public profile on Facebook and the information you share with them. The apps and websites you use may receive a list of your Facebook friends if you choose to share it with them. However, the apps and websites you use will not be able to receive any other information from you about your Facebook friends or your followers on Instagram (although your friends and followers may, of course, choose to share this information on their own). Information collected from such third-party services is subject to their terms and conditions, not to ours.

Devices and operating systems that provide native versions of Facebook and Instagram (i.e., apps not developed by us) will have access to all the information you choose to share with them, including information that your friends share with you, so we can provide you with our main features.

Note: we are

working to further restrict access to data by developers to prevent misuse. For example, we will remove developer access to your Facebook and Instagram data if you have not used their app for three months, and we are changing the Facebook Login so that the next version will reduce the data that an app can request without sending the app for analysis, including only name, username and biography of Instagram, profile picture, and email address. To request more data, our approval will be mandatory."

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